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A WELLTHY YOU - Needham, MA - - Boston area energy healing therapist, using the 7 chakras holistic approach to alternative healing and natural health therapies. Using muscle testing to communicate with your body's innate wisdom to get biofeedback from your body, to identify and release trapped emotions feeding your unconscious behaviors - Empowering happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.
(877)935-5849, Fax: (855)238-4825, E-mail: info@awellthyyou.com Contact Us
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AGA CLINICAL TRIALS - Hialeah, FL - - Paid medical trials and studies, including free diagnostic procedures - Local clinical research centers, dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of our patients through new and innovative therapies. Experienced team of doctors, coordinators and highly trained staff, brings knowledge and cutting edge medical options to patients and caregivers.
(305)819-1551 x 8000, Fax: (305)819-6960, E-mail: pdiaz@agaclinicaltrials.com Contact Us
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AGA CLINICAL TRIALS - Hialeah, FL - - Programas de Investigación Clínica Remunerados, incluye pruebas diagnosticas gratis, Centro de Investigación local dedicado a mejorar su salud y calidad de vida de pacientes a través de tratamientos modernos, equipo experimentado de médicos que ofrecen anos de conocimiento y opciones terapéuticas a pacientes y familiares.
(305)819-6990 x 8004, Fax: (305)819-6960, E-mail: pdiaz@agaclinicaltrials.com Contact Us
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BELLTOWN SPINE & WELLNESS - Seattle, WA - - Integrated health and wellness center, focusing on customized and targeted patient care programs. Services include chiropractic care, spinal rehabilitation, spinal decompression, cold laser & light therapy, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, medical weight loss and massage therapy. Our signature 4-step program is designed to help patients recover faster from pain and chronic injuries.
(206)441-7984, Fax: (206)728-1230, E-mail: info@belltownsw.com Contact Us

HEALTH FOR LIFE GRAND RAPIDS - Grand Rapids, MI - - Featuring many talented counselors, each with their own specialized experience, and our own integrative mental health doctor, we believe that total personal transformation is possible - Utilizing counseling services and integrative medicine to create solutions for the special challenges you face. Our clinicians have the necessary tools to make this easy.
(616)200-4433, Fax: (616)828-1936, E-mail: Paulk@healthforlifegr.com Contact Us
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Dr. Richard Gringeri, DC - Santa Clara / San Jose, CA - - Certified digestive specialist and board eligible chiropractic neurologist, working with Type 2 diabetics to reverse and stabilize glucose levels through a customized program of tailored digestive formulations, simple supervised exercises with increased oxygenation, and a cleansing/detox protocol, after which their MD will usually reduce and slowly eliminate their medications.
(408)916-4345, Use our contact form

HEALTH AND SUCCESS COACH - Fort Worth, TX - - Helping clients achieve their physical goals such as weight loss, and finding natural solutions for health ailments as adrenal fatigue, and dealing with stress. One of the largest online resources for vitamins and supplements, weight loss products, healthy meal recipes, natural home remedies, natural beauty recipes, workout gear and more.
(817)682-7729, E-mail: abaker@healthandsuccesscoach.com Contact Us

HOLISTIC MUN - New York, NY - - Sueane Mun is an internationally renowned esthetician & makeup artist, endowed with a passion for holistic health. She brings over 14 years of profesional experience in the fashion & beauty industry, combined with training in Eastern healing arts. Services include customized facial treatments, ultrasonic exfoliation, makeup services, holistic health consultations and more.
(917)554-5700, E-mail: sueane@holisticmun.com Request a quote

LUMA KAI HCG - Albuquerque, NM - - Advanced weight loss program based on the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) diet protocol. Our packages include online telemedicine medical encounters via Skype or FaceTime, HCG prescription & supplies delivered from a licensed U.S. pharmacy and ongoing expert support. Click to visit our site now to review our complete program and package options.
(888)975-7776, (505)888-7592, E-mail: lumakai.wellness@gmail.com Contact Us
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NATURAL AWAKENINGS MAGAZINE - Richmond, VA - - Richmond's healthy living printed magazine and online portal, offering a guide to a healthier, more balanced and improved quality of life both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Providing readers with cutting-edge resources for natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.
(804)405-6724, Fax: (804)234-3444, E-mail: NARichmond.sales@gmail.com Contact Us

RECOVERY CENTERS OF AMERICA AT LIGHTHOUSE - Mays Landing, NJ - - Substance use disorder treatment centers with leading national clinicians, scientists, addiction medicine professionals and enterprise-level leadership. Inpatient services include 24-hour nursing care, individual & group therapy, psychiatric & psychological services, medication monitoring and more. Providing addiction treatment, detoxification and rehabilitation services at 4 locations in Southern New Jersey.
1-800-RECOVERY, (855)484-7846, E-mail: helpcenter@recoverycoa.com Contact Us

WELLNESS49 - Plano, TX - - Encouraging healthier, wealthier & more fulfilled lives by offering all natural nutritional products and our revolutionary whole body CryoBath sessions with a network of brick and mortar CryoBath Wellness Clubs nationwide. We will provide you with an easy to follow program uniquely and specifically designed with your health goal in mind.
(469)443-4791, E-mail: dehrel@gmail.com Contact Us

WOMEN'S LIFESTYLE EXPO - New York, NY - May 20, 2017 - - New York City women's opportunity to find the hottest products & services under one roof - Fashion & beauty trends, makeovers, spa treatments, health & fitness tips, sampling, demos and more. Vendors exhibit hot products & services and book appointments on the spot. Exhibit space now limited. METROPOLITAN WEST - 639 West 46th Street, NYC
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MORE SOURCES: www.InformationNational.com

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