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Your linked listings will appear on 6 applicable TDE categories as with all other Vendor Options.

Your website will be optimized for Top-ranked natural search positioning
at Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
TDE listings serve as powerful backlinks which are required by search engine algorithms
upon PRO (Page Rank Order) processing.


1) Simply provide your TDE SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) with a list of all the keywords which your customers and sales prospects are likely to be typing into Google, etc. There is no limit to the number of keywords, as you will learn how to be in control over them, being able to add additional keywords as you wish, at any time.

2) The TDE will conduct a 24-hour competitive analysis on your selected keywords to determine the best strategy, based on competitive factors.

3) During a 30-minute telephone SEO session you will be provided with all the details concerning your specific website, which likely contains a good amount of bad code, missing code, and conflicting code - all to the detriment of your natural Google rank. These will be pointed out to you, with examples shown all along as to what is required to quickly fix the problem.

4) By midnight, after the SEO session, you will receive an E-mail which will review your session instructions. It will take less than 1-minute to read and review. The required SEO code for natural search positioning will be included. Simply copy it and paste it over existing bad and conflicting code elements on your html page, as instructed during the SEO session. It takes 30 seconds or less to fix a web page. Any person who can fix a misspelled word can easily implement the SEO code.

5) Once your SEO code has been implemented and the newly optimized web page has been uploaded to the server the TDE SEO team will conduct a "dual submission" process whereby your page and the complementing TDE page which links to it are both submitted to Google at the same time using a synchronized system. The purpose here is to have your page and its complementing TDE page cached to the same Google hard drive (common data location), and on the same server. This establishes the closest possible 1-way backlink association between the two pages, so that upon a search query Google will easilly detect your TDE backlinks, being 100% relevant to the search.

6) Remove any links you currently may have pointing to the TDE, as Google will oscillate in confusion, trying to figure out who is the true vendor of the product or service being searched. Your TDE linked listings are created to support your site during Google algorithmic processing, therefore the term 1-way backlinks.

7) As soon as Google begins using the latest cached version of your page you should see dramatic results. This may take anwhere from 1 to 15 days at most.

8) The TDE will maintain the closest possible 1-way backlink association between the respective pages by refreshing Google's cache, using the dual submission process twice each month, over your 12-month SEO term.


Each TDE listing contains a link to your website, to your RFQ page, to your E-mail,
your Phone & Fax numbers, a 50-word description of your products & services,
and a unique Google Partner Search Field which delivers keyword search results
from within your website pages exclusively, leaving out the competition,
except for several ads by Google, for which Google shares ad revenue with the TDE.

Click on the keywords below to see realtime, NATURAL GOOGLE SEARCH RESULTS
NOTE: For privacy concerns and confidentiality we have listed only a single keyword per Option #3 SEO member example.

ALTRONICS MANUFACTURING INC. - Hudson, NH - - Quick-turn prototypes to volume production electronic contract manufacturing services - Serving Massachusetts, New England and the US from our Hudson, NH ISO-9001:2000, lead-free/RoHS compliant facility. PCB and flex circuit assembly for commercial, military, medical and telecom applications. Integrated services include cables, backplanes, electro-mechanical assemblies, and full box-build chassis integration.

(603)577-8855, Fax: (603)577-8981, E-mail: Request a quote
KEYWORD: New England SMT PCB assembly <<< Ranked Google Page #1, 1st on top, from 8,010 search results.

DATA I/O CORPORATION - Redmond, WA - - Manual and automated device programming systems that specifically address the requirements of engineering and manufacturing customers. Programmers for NAND FLASH, NOR Flash, PROM, EPROM, EEPROM, PIC, PLD. Our Connected Programming Strategy optimizes programming from design through manufacturing by creating a networked solution that connects to engineering, manufacturing, and the supply chain.
(800)426-1045, (425)881-6444, Fax: (425)882-1043 , E-mail: Request a quote
KEYWORD: high speed device programmers <<< Ranked Google Page #1, 1st on top, from 25.5-Million search results.

netCOMPONENTS - Delray Beach, FL - - netCOMPONENTS' electronic component SOURCING DATABASE contains billions of parts from hundreds of suppliers worldwide! Multilingual site has LIVE DEMO for buyers of integrated circuits, semiconductors and other active, passive and electromechanical components.
(561)274-6780, Fax: (561)274-6796, E-mail: Request a quote
KEYWORD: electronic component database <<< Ranked Google Page #1, 1st on top, from 4.34-Million search results.

PREM MAGNETICS, INC. - Johnsburg, IL - - Electronic & electric power transformer manufacturer offering 6v, 12v, 24v, 120v and 240v transformers and many more low voltage inductors. Prem also offers safety agency approved international power transformers, telephony coupling magnetics, inductors, CRT display adjustable linearity coils and audio transformers. We offer a zero defect guarantee. Order samples online.
(815)385-2700, Fax: (815)385-8578, E-mail: Request a quote
KEYWORD: telepohony transformers <<< Ranked Google Page #1, 1st on top, from 217,000 search results.

WinSystems. - Arlington, TX - - Designers and manufacturers of single board computers and expansion cards that function as embedded PCs in OEM and industrial applications. Our product lines include PC/104, PC/104-Plus, EPIC, EBX, STD Bus and stand alone computer technologies. Begin your design with evelopment kits for DOS, Linux, Windows CE and Windows XP Embedded.
(817)274-7553, Fax: (817)548-1358, E-mail: Request a quote
KEYWORD: PC104 SBCs <<< Ranked Google Page #1, 1st on top, from 989,000 search results.
or call us... USA: (800)547-8636, INT'L: (610)668-4717

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