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ADAMA MINERALS - San Francisco, CA - - Offering high quality healing clay body care products researched to heal many ailments of the skin and internal body. Made from high quality edible grade clay called Calcium Montmorillonite, also known as Kanwa, these products offer a unique opportunity to naturally heal yourself with every day activities such as bathing.
(650)520-4313, E-mail: sales@adamaminerals.com Contact

ADVANCED HEALTH CENTER / Drs. Brian & Jeff Coyle - Campbell, CA - - Alternative medicine and advanced chiropractic care center - Experience healing in a 5 star environment,with the nations's leading pain relief experts, having over 28 years of success. Offering physical therapy, nutrition, and specialty treatments, including Vax-D therapy disc decompression, non-surgical spinal correction for scoliosis, TheraStim Electrotherapy pain management and more.
(408)264-6644, Fax: (408)264-3515, E-mail: Info@AdvancedHealthCenter.com

AMERICA'S HEALTH LABS LLC - Cheyenne, WY - - Providers of the latest advances in weight loss & dieting supplements, health & beauty supplements, green coffee extracts and anti-aging supplements. Our special formulations promote cardiovascular health and combat disease. All products are manufactured in the US with the industry's finest and most respected certified ingredient manufacturerers, ensuring purity and potency.
(844)342-5245, E-mail: info@americashealthlabs.com Request a quote

BAAR PRODUCTS - Downingtown, PA - - Providing a wide range of natural health, beauty and wellness products, Baar Products is the official worldwide supplier of Edgar Cayce Products. Our products include natural castor oil, natural lotions, skin care products, lip balms, holistic medicines, alkaline mouthwashes, Pennsylvania crude oil remedies, and other wonderful and natural health products.
(800)269-2502, Fax: (610)873-7945, E-mail: kathy@baar.com

CORE NATURAL - Newmarket, Ontario Canada - - TA-65 is a patented and tested extract of astragalus, which promotes telomerase enzyme activity in the DNA of the cells, which in turn intervenes in the aging process. Benefits include improved eyesight, skin elasticity improvements, improved athletic endurance, noticeable improvements in the immune system and overall improvement in all organ functions.
(289)217-3004, E-Mail: Info@CoreNatural.ca Use our contact form

Dr. Richard Gringeri, DC - Santa Clara / San Jose, CA - - Certified digestive specialist and board eligible chiropractic neurologist, working with Type 2 diabetics to reverse and stabilize glucose levels through a customized program of tailored digestive formulations, simple supervised exercises with increased oxygenation, and a cleansing/detox protocol, after which their MD will usually reduce and slowly eliminate their medications.
(408)916-4345, Use our contact form

HEALTH AND SUCCESS COACH - Fort Worth, TX - - Helping clients achieve their physical goals such as weight loss, and finding natural solutions for health ailments as adrenal fatigue, and dealing with stress. One of the largest online resources for vitamins and supplements, weight loss products, healthy meal recipes, natural home remedies, natural beauty recipes, workout gear and more.
(817)682-7729, E-mail: abaker@healthandsuccesscoach.com Contact Us

HOLISTIC MUN - New York, NY - - Sueane Mun is an internationally renowned esthetician & makeup artist, endowed with a passion for holistic health. She brings over 14 years of profesional experience in the fashion & beauty industry, combined with training in Eastern healing arts. Services include customized facial treatments, ultrasonic exfoliation, makeup services, holistic health consultations and more.
(917)554-5700, E-mail: sueane@holisticmun.com Request a quote

iROY SPORT FITNESS - East Norriton, PA - - State-of-the-art gym, featuring the newest Cybex treadmills, Arc trainers and stationary bikes, WaterRower rowing machines, and a complete custom-designed line of free-weight machines as well as cable-based machines. Wide range of fitness and aerobics classes such as spinning, body sculpting, yoga, pilates, kickboxing, zumba, bricking, and plyometric training.
(610)631-2100, E-mail: iroyrunning@gmail.com Contact us

NATURAL AWAKENINGS MAGAZINE - Richmond, VA - - Richmond's healthy living printed magazine and online portal, offering a guide to a healthier, more balanced and improved quality of life both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Providing readers with cutting-edge resources for natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.
(804)405-6724, Fax: (804)234-3444, E-mail: NARichmond.sales@gmail.com Contact Us

NATURES FORMULA HEALTH PRODUCTS, LTD. - Kelowna, BC, Canada - - - Private label health & beauty product research and development, packaging and manufacturing. Over 30 years experience in herbal tinctures/extracts, health drinks & beverages, aromatherapy, cosmetics, lotions, ointments, sprays, sunscreens and many other cosmetics and consumables. producing over 5000 herbal-based products, maintaining a large inventory of herbal ingredients to meet your needs.
(800)667-2535, (250)717-5700, Fax: (250)717-5771, E-mail: info@naturesformulae.com Request a quote

REMEDY OIL CBD - West Long Branch, NJ - - Providers of all natrual, Non-GMO CBD skin and body care products. Including a variety of botanical infusions in our skin care products to help soothe the skin. All our products are 100% natural, third-party lab tested and contaminent free. Shop from tinctures, relief balms, syringes, edibles, pet treats, bath bombs, soaps and more.
(323)558-8314, E-mail: genetixusa@protonmail.com Contact Us
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SUPERIOR HEMP OIL, LLC - Reading, MA - - Providers of full spectrum CBD hemp oil products, derived from hemp (not marijuana) with less than .03% of THC. All our CBD hemp crops are grown legally in the US and rigorously tested for safety, quality, and cannabinoid content. Shop from a variety of full spectrum CBD oil pain relief creams and CBD hemp oil tinctures.
(617)309-9204, E-mail: Sales@SuperiorHempOil.com Contact Us
CLICK HERE TO SEARCH OUR ENTIRE SITE ~ Skip a space after our domain name and search any keyword !

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