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The TDE SEO Process

White Hat SEO is very straightforward, it is basically a 3-step process . . . The first step is for us to fix up your website so it conforms to the full SEO protocol. This is where we use the term “OPTIMIZE,” which basically means to fix up your site, so that each page is focused on specific keywords. There are lots of rules which govern natural search positioning. There are rules for the Title Bar, for the Meta Description, Meta Keywords, H1 Heading Tags, Alt Tags, Anchor Text, Robots Text File, Sitemap XML File, and I can go on and on . . . We’ll fix it all up for you, page by page, keyword by keyword. But this is only the first step, to OPTIMIZE your site for all your specific keywords.

The second step is to establish 100% keyword-relevant “BACKLINKS.” Google, Yahoo and Bing all depend on your backlinks to determine how relevant your site is to specific keywords, based upon who links to you. We own over 4,200 domain names from which we regularly create web pages in support of our SEO clients, whereby we carefully craft a very powerful, 100% accurate “backlink infrastructure” designed to convince the search engines that you really do what you claim you do, and this gives you the competitive advantage over other sites with less powerful backlinks.

To recap, the first requirement is to OPTIMIZE, the second requirement is to create the BACKLINKS, and finally, the third requirement is to have a mechanism in place whereby Google will be able to detect your backlinks as quickly as possible upon a user’s query. Search engine algorithms only allow themselves a fraction of a fraction of a nanosecond to search for backlinks, and unfortunately most backlinks are too difficult to detect quickly enough, and so they are actually useless in this reagard. Don’t get us wrong, they are still direct links to you site, and likely may be driving some traffic to it, but as far as Google backlinks are concered they are meaningless in as far as establishing keyword relevancy when they cannot be detected quickly enough.

So here is how we do it . . . How we make sure that your TDE backlinks are quickly detectable by Google. First of all, your TDE backlink pages are also part of a system which has been designated as a Google Partner Site, to which Google sends their PPC (Pay Per Click) AdWords and Banner Ads. Within each one of your backlink pages we also provide some space to Google, so that the instant the page loads up on the screen Google will match 3 of their advertisers with this page, for which they share ad revenue with us, as visitors click on any of these 3 ads.

Each time we launch new pages we notify Google by submitting these pages, one by one, to a unique address at Google. So we use this same address to submit your pages as well, once we optimize them for their respective keywords. We do what we call a “DUAL SUBMISSION” process, whereby we submit your pages, together with your TDE backlink pages on our system, to that special Google address. Your pages and our pages are therefore cached to the same hard drive at Google, on the same server, thus creating the shortest possible 1-way backlink association between our respective sites. This way, one day down the road, as people search for specific keywords, and your site enters into the competition, based on the way it has been optimized, Google will not lose any time detecting your TDE backlinks, since they are siting side by side with your optimized pages, so to speak.

That’s all there is to it. So once we optimize your pages, and create the necessary backlinks, and do our dual submission process, it takes anywhere from between 1 to 12 days for Google to cache and index your pages, and that’s when you will see the results, never any longer than 1 to 12 days. Anything that didn’t happen in 12 days will not happen on the 13th day or beyond. Don’t let anyone try to tell you that you need to wait another few more weeks. People who tell you that are doing so because they need time for additional guesswork and experimentation. What we do is very straightforward, with quick results.

On the first round, we will get a good number of keywords to work for you, but not all . . . We then take the next step in the SEO protocol, and this will deliver additional keywords, but again, not all . . . So we then take the next step and get even more keywords, and so on. Each one of these rounds will deliver additional results within 1 to 12 days. We may need to go through all those rounds because there are lots of rules in the SEO protocol, and the results of each round will dictate the action necessary for the next round.

Since 1998 we have never, ever failed a single SEO client, and so we are going to send you a list of over 50 client referrals, with their respective keywords for you to click on, so you can confirm their Google Page #1 natural search results. Feel free to call them to confirm that the TDE is responsible for these results. You will see quickly why we have had virtually a 100% client retention rate, year after year, since 1998.

Get quick SEO cost details via E-mail, or call (800)547-8636

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Your website is your showroom to the world . . . To complement your web development effort you must deal with the most experienced SEO you can find - One who specializes in and understands your industry dynamics. Professional Search Engine Optimization is an aggressive strategy which combines compliance with all current search engine algorithm rules, sensitivity to keyword conflicts, the management of a 100% accurate backlink infrastructure (See the TDE's 100% industry accurate 4,200+ URL Domain Name backlink infrastructure), and the ability to instantly respond to the results of competitive dynamics.

Any SEO worthy of the title should at least be able to get his own site to rank high.
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Website designers & developers by nature are focused primarily on communications, form, and design. For them a web page is just another medium. It may as well be a newspaper ad, a radio commercial, or a highway billboard. Chances are they will be equally good with any communications medium.

A Search Engine Optimizer, on the other hand, by nature is deeply focused on competitive strategy. For him a keyword challenge is a real world battlefield which he must win for his client. It may as well be a chess game, a football game, an election campaign, or even a military battle. This guy is a well equipped competitive strategist. BECOME AN SEO

The TDE holds the keyword record . . . "More keywords respond to client firms with Google/Yahoo/Bing Page #1 natural search results than double the number of our 3 top competitors, combined." George Pachter, TDE president. (800)547-8636

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